Path of the Rising Moon
Key Biscayne Zen Meditation Group

Path of the Rising Moon is a place to learn meditation in Key Biscayne.

Find stillness and quiet your mind.

Perhaps the main benefit of a Zen meditation practice is feeling a deeper connection with the present moment. From this foundation we experience sharper concentration, increased vitality, less stress and a sense of compassion for all things.

The group was founded in March of 2003 and continues to meet regularly. Founding member are: Soan Poor, Marius Robinson, Elena Iglesias and Bill Durham.

The name of the group is derived for the old Native American name for Key Biscayne: Favorite Path of the Rising Moon.

All are welcome and there is no charge to participate in the meditation sessions. We are entirely supported by volunteers and donations. We offer the opportunity to practice meditation in Miami with a dedicated teacher in an informal setting.

Rising Moon is a Rinzai Zen group and is affiliated with Sandy Gentei Stewart, Pittsboro, NC and The International Zen Institute of Florida. • 786.218.6332